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After J&K, Ladakh leaders also expecting to meet PM Modi

With political activities gaining momentum after the All-Party Meeting (APM) on Jammu and Kashmir, parties from UT of Ladakh are also expecting an invitation from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Parties and organizations are hopeful that a meeting will be called to discuss the issues of both Kargil and Leh districts in the UT that have separate problems. Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) is also expecting to meet the Prime Minister to discuss their issue.

Sources said that the organizations in Ladakh want to discuss issues including grant of Legislature, Sixth Schedule status among other.

A prominent leader of the Leh Apex Body said that one of their senior functionaries is in contact with Union Home Minister Amit Shah as well as Minister of State for Home GK Reddy.

KDA in Kargil is planning to discuss the issues with their counterparts in Leh so that a joint front can also be formed to discuss the issues as a united face with the central government.

Apex Body in Leh had recently said that it would like representatives of Kargil to form a joint forum with them to take up the issues like grant of Legislature and Sixth Schedule or it’s like status to Ladakh.

Apex Body leaders are expecting an invitation from the Union Home Ministry for the talks soon. But they were not sure whether the invite would come from Shah or Reddy. But whatever the case, they said that they are going for the talks and will list their demands and agendas.

As per reports, Ladakh bodies feel that it was the right time to take up their issues which have been on hold since January and they were confident that the Union Home Ministry will shortly call political parties and other organizations including the Apex Body for dialogue in New Delhi after talks on Jammu and Kashmir.

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