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Bipolar disorder: Why are Sushant’s fans discussing the disease?

Last Updated on June 20, 2020 at 1:51 am

Sushant Singh Rajput who committed suicide on Sunday was a promising star and had a bright future in the film industry. But his fans are confused and discussing about bipolar disorder or bipolar mind on the social media.

While there is no proof of the actor suffering from any level of bipolar disorder, but the fans of the deceased have started to discuss the bipolar disorder and its symptoms.

Bipolar disorder is an extreme situation in which a person’s mood swings instantly without him or her getting g control on it. Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging self on Sunday afternoon at his Bandra home. His colleagues and friends were left shocked as he was an ever smiling person as per his colleagues.

People having bipolar disorder are faced with long bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts and other moos disorders that can be treated only through psychiatric consultation. The mental problem is treatable and can be controlled by the medicine prescribed by the psychiatrist.

It becomes very difficult for the people suffering from the disorder in managing their daily routine. Doctors say that there is no cure of the disorder but it can be suppressed or treated so that its symptoms can be managed.

A person with a bipolar mind can feel excited without any reason or can be depressed without any cause. Life becomes too difficult for some of those who are not able to handle the situation and suicidal thoughts also emanate in their mind. There have been cases where people suffering from bipolar disorder use drugs or alcohol.

Some of the symptoms of bipolar mind include hopelessness, severe depression, anxiety, lack of interest in daily routines, sleep disorders among others.

However there is always a hope and doctors as well as experts suggest that no mental disease should ever take a person to the brink of committing suicide. The community as well as the family of the person should help him in coming out of the bipolar disorder or bipolar mind. Psychiatric help these days is available even on phone calls that can help any person to face mental disorders.