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BJP high-command snubs J&K leadership for ‘compromising with national interests’

Last Updated on March 9, 2021 at 9:17 am

BJP high-command has chided the J&K based party leaders for compromising with “national interests” in order to gain power, sources said.

Central government is not very pleased with the recent demand of J&K based leaders to hold assembly elections in the Union Territory (UT) as soon as possible and restore statehood for the region.

Sources said that top BJP leaders are working with some experts on J&K to further extend the national agenda while the Central rule lasts. While J&K based party leaders should be following the high-command line, they are toeing the line of other parties by demanding early Assembly elections in the UT. In place of conducting Assembly elections in J&K, BJP high-command seems more interested in finishing its task in this region.

Sources informed that some think tanks which are working on J&K have already warned that conducting Assembly elections before the finalization of report of the Delimitation Commission would negatively affect the whole process of further integrating J&K with the nation. After Article 370 was scrapped down, some groups are working to separate anti-national and separatist groups in the UT.

Sources said that J&K BJP leadership already knows about groups which are working in different fields in J&K to uncover separatist groups and attack their agenda. Even when these local leaders are fully aware of bigger plan of the central leadership, they are succumbing to desperation by repeatedly demanding early Assembly elections and restoration of statehood.

Tarun Chug, BJP’s national general secretary and in-charge of J&K, has told the local leadership that as of now muscling up nationalist forces and containing terrorism is their priority and more important than holding Assembly elections or restoring statehood.