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BJP’s policy of “humiliation” alienating people of Kashmir: Mehbooba

Mehbooba Mufti

Former chief minister and PDP president, Mehbooba Mufti, today asserted that the BJP’s policy of humiliating and suppressing Kashmiris is only adding to the alienation of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

She was addressing a party workers convention at Zainapora in Shopian district.

“The only way to bring about lasting peace in J&K is through reconciliation and meaningful engagement that honors the dignity of the people of J&K. The Jackboot approach and attempts to silence the aspiration of people by suppression and muzzling of the people hasn’t worked in the past and bound to fail now. As is evident, even after almost 8 decades of accession, Delhi looks at Kashmiris with suspicion,” Mufti said.

She also referred to the recent incident where students were booked under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for celebrating the win of the Australian cricket team. Mufti said that this incident shows that the BJP has even criminalized the spirit of sports when it comes to Kashmir.

“It is ironic that the People who after dismembering J&K celebrated the collective humiliation of the people cant tolerate Australia’s superior game on the day to be cheered. Wherein young students were booked under draconian UAPA for the act of simply cheering a good game. This when the countries Prime Minister himself cheered Australia for its game,” Mufti said.

Mufti further asserted that the fountainhead of the problems in J&K is the desire and aspiration of its people for peace with dignity.

“The era of Mufti Sahab at the helm of affairs is termed as the golden era because he believed and knew that in J&K development sans peace with dignity won’t make the desired difference. His focus on reconciliation and dialogue lead to historic developments in the context of the resolution of problems in J&K that were otherwise seemingly impossible,” Mufti added.

Emphasising that the people’s will has to ultimately prevail, Mufti urged for unity among people in the struggle for rights, dignity, and aspirations of the masses of J&K.

Addressing the convention, PDP Senior Leader and former Member of Parliament Dr Mehboob Beg asserted PDP had engaged BJP on its own terms to secure the identity of the people of J&K and to work towards getting our people out of the morass.

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