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DDC Chairpersons placed equivalent to Administrative Secretaries and IGPs in protocol

Last Updated on March 8, 2021 at 6:38 pm

The Jammu and Kashmir government has amended its warrant of precedence, placing chairpersons of the district development councils equivalent to administrative secretaries and IGPs.

According to the warrant of precedence, a chairpersons of DDCs have been placed at serial number 26 in the protocol list. They  have  been placed equal to  administrative secretaries, divisional commissioners/IGPs, joint secretaries to the Government of India and officers of equivalent rank, officers of the rank of Major-General or equivalent rank.

As per the warrant of precedence, vice-chairpersons of the DDCs have been placed at serial number 27, equivalent to the vice -chancellors of universities within the state/UT.

The DDC members figure at the bottom of warrant of precedence along block development council chairpersons, presidents of municipal councils and municipalities, district magistrates, officers of the rank of brigadier and equivalent, major head of departments, district and sessions judges. They figure at serial number 28 in the list