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Government concerned to revive tourism in Kashmir, Jammu ignored?

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Tourism  is considered to be the backbone for the economy which provides employment to thousands of people across the nation. Tourism sector of Jammu and Kashmir has been badly affected due to the second wave of deadly coronavirus. The pace for tourist spots in Jammu and Kashmir has been tremendously declining due to Covid-19 situation.

But tourism officials are more concerned about restarting tourism in Kashmir only.

As per reports, the Tourism department conducted three high level meetings for reviving tourism in Kashmir. Many such inspections and events were done in the past week. But the officials did not bother to hold such an event for Jammu.

Official documents reveal that various vaccination centres have been set up by the government at TRC, Srinagar, Nigeen Club, Nehru Park and Raj Bagh. Currently members belonging to the tourism trade are being immunized.  

Also officials related to tourism are being vaccinated at famous tourist spots of Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Doodhpathri and Yusmarg as per official reports.

Such developments are the outcome of high level meetings held by the Tourism department.
Senior officials sought inspection of the facilities even for the winter games when actually summer has just commenced in Kashmir. At a meeting in Srinagar, a total evaluation of facilities at Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Srinagar was done.

The Tourism Secretary on May 27, visited Nehru Park, Nigeen and other vaccination centres which have been set up and interacted with the representatives of various tourism trade bodies.

He informed that, people who are linked with the tourism industry are to be considered as frontline workers as said by the government. This drive of vaccination will help in providing safety and reviving life back in the tourism sector. During the drive the Tourism department asked the “stakeholders in Kashmir to take advantage of this drive and get vaccinated at an earliest.”

But business entities in Jammu want such steps to be taken in the winter capital region as well. Jammu is also waiting for such efforts where pilgrimage tourism plays a major role in the economy. Tourism players said that we doubt that such concern will be shown here.

Tourism department directed quicker quality checks of equipment like lifts, snow beating machines and other related equipment used in recreation or skiing activities at the resort in Kashmir.

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