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Is unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir really declining?


NIT Srinagar

It has been claimed by the Jammu and Kashmir administration that unemployment rate in the union territory is on decline but many people are calling this claim false.

As per officials the unemployment graph has fallen from 19.6% to 10.6%. An official said that several schemes have been announced to curb the unemployment crisis in J&K. He further said that besides creating new job opportunities, loans have been provided to youngsters for starting new business.

But according to an analyst claims of J&K government that unemployment rate is on decline is strange since past two years businesses have suffered a lot due to Covid-19 pandemic as many units have closed their operations and many people have lost jobs in private sector.

Analyst further added that the government is claiming that jobs are being provided but ground reality is different.

He said, “It seems that the officials are misleading the Lieutenant Governor by providing him with the wrong figures. Recently, unemployed dental surgeons have protested on the streets and many others joined them. If the unemployment rate had declined there would not have been protests on the streets by any professionals”.

An observer said that former J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik had announced that 50,000 youth will be provided employment but it did not happen in real. Few months ago the government admitted that only 18000 jobs have been announced during the past two years, reportedly.

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