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J&K govt fails to fix pay scale issues of non-gazetted employees in new medical colleges


Various posts created in newly established Medical Colleges in Jammu and Kashmir have failed to work out on the actual pay scales for employees. Many non-gazetted employees of at new medical colleges in J&K have been left in the lurch as their pay anomalies have not been fixed.

This matter has been taken to higher ups many times but no concrete action has been taken by the concerned authorities to solve the matter. The matter had been lingered on which was taken by the employees who have been appointed against various Non-Gazetted posts in various Medical Colleges across J&K, through representations.

Due to delayed issue, many employees in the newly established Medical Colleges are now switching to other departments because the pay level of the same posts is higher there, resulting in shortage of Non-Gazetted employees.

The aggrieved employees posted as Vocational Counselors, Storekeepers, Health Inspectors, Audio and Video Technicians etc at the Anantnag, Baramulla, Doda, Kathua and Rajouri GMCs in 2017 told Greater Kashmir that the department had been dilly-dallying over fixing their pay scales at par with GMC Srinagar and GMC Jammu.

Another aggrieved employee posted as Storekeeper at a GMC said they had been kept in the level 2 pay scale instead of the ideal level 5 or 6.

It is pertinent to mention that at the time of establishment of the medical colleges, the then cabinet vide its order no.175/11/2017 dated October 3, 2017, accorded sanction to the creation of 3375 posts for the establishment of five new Government Medical Colleges in J&K and accordingly, H&ME notified the posts, 675 each for GMC Anantnag, GMC Baramulla, GMC Rajouri, GMC Doda and GMC and Kathua. 

Later, it was felt imperative to work out the actual pay scales of posts in new Government Medical Colleges and accordingly Government Order No.831-HME of 2019 dated September 18, 2019, and Government Order No.16-HME of 2019 dated November 28, 2019, were issued to carry out the same, the employees said. However, the exercise was not conducted well within the specified time frame after which the Government vide order No.892-HME dated December 2, 2020 in supersession of earlier orders, set up a committee to work out the actual pay scales issues, the aggrieved employees said.

The committee then submitted its report to the Finance Department for the rectification of the pay scale in October 2021 but Finance department was not convinced, mentioning that there were no recruitment rules in place for Non-Gazetted posts in new Medical Colleges and the necessary rectification of the pay scale cannot be carried out in the absence of the same.

The aggrieved employees said that more than three years have passed but there still are no recruitment rules for the Non-Gazetted employees.


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