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Kolkata FF: Satta result of this Matka is monitored by government

Kolkata FF is one of the few online lotteries that the government allows to be played online especially in the Eastern India. It is also called as a smart matka.

While Matka is illegal and is banned in India, few games like Worli and Kalyan Matka, Kolkata FF today are played under the government’s monitoring and are extremely popular form of matka in the country. However illegal online lottery games are also popular in different regions of the country due to their online nature. Kolkata FF is actually Kolkata Fatafat.

The matka can be played by logging on to www.KolkataFF.Com where several numbers are displayed on the screen and the player has to choose the number to place his bet. The participant who guesses the lucky number becomes the winner for a particular game or the league. As the guessing of number takes some brain, it is also called as ‘Smart Matka’.

Most of the matka games going on in the country have gone online due to which a large number of people take part in these. During the era where internet had not become a rage in the world, people used to visit areas where matka was played in an illegal manner. Even now those who do not have internet access visit such areas and police raids are very common there.

However Kolkata FF needs a lot of practice to play the winning number because it is not only a complex matka but also needs experience. However tutorials for Kolkata Fatafat are there on internet and it is advised to take the guidance before playing the game.

Winner of Kolkata is referred to as a ‘King’ as he takes on thousands of people who are guessing the correct number at the same time. Although there can be many winners in the same league at the same time as many players can guess the correct number but there is only one ‘Satta King’.

Amount of money during the Bazi in Kolkata FF is predetermined unlike other lottery games running in the country. It is not only this specific game, but Kolkata and the surrounding places are famous for online lottery games. Worli and Kalyan Matka are among other games that are popular in Kolkata.

At the end, Kolkata FF has eight Bazi winners but there are games where there can be only four winners. Consolation prizes are also distributed for those who cannot become ‘King’ of Fatafat game.

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