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Lottery Sambad: How to get the winning number in this satta

When it comes to lottery in India, a large number of people are hooked to the online game especially lottery sambad. However when anyone asks about the most famous lotteries of North Eastern states, only one name comes in the mind and that is Lottery Sambad night.

The lottery has been able to earn a name for itself after a consistent glamour and money involved in it. Lottery Sambad is the most popular Satta games in West Bengal, Nagaland and even Sikkim where it has the authority given by the government to run.

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Lottery Sambad night is the one where most fortunate people get a chance not only to play but also try their luck to win lakhs. The game can be played by anyone interested, required he or she meets the age criteria.

While Lottery Sambad is the official satta of Sikkim, it has been able to make a foothold in West Bengal and other Eastern states of the country. The good thing about any lottery is that all the citizens of the country can participate in it. However we do not assure the authenticity of any lottery website.

Only 13 states in the country have legalized online lottery due to the risk factor involved in it. However online satta is played by people in even those states where it is banned.

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Lottery results are declared from time to time and can be accessed on the official website of the lottery. The ticket of Lottery Sambad can be purchased for Rs 6 at any counter available in your respective states or cities and the winners can take away price of even Rs 1 crore. The second prize is Rs 9000 and third is Rs 500 among others.

Results of Lottery Sambad are declared at 4 pm on the date declared by the website.

If a holder’s ticket matches the winning number, the winner will have to present the winning ticket at the office of Lottery Sambad.

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The number and the lottery will be valid for only 30 days from the date of declaration of the lottery sambad result. The number of the ticket of the lottery is then verified.