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Marriages and Wazwan can become another super-spreader in Kashmir

Despite of so many positive cases of Covid-19 in Kashmir, many people in the valley are more concerned about the wedding season. The peak wedding season in Kashmir usually starts in the month of May and marriages are relatively a big and inclusive affair.

But during such times of pandemic one  should set their priorities right and look out for the situation the region and the whole nation is suffering from. Concern for celebrations, marriages only leads to embarrassment on social media and various other platforms.

Reports said that the wedding season picked up in the region made people opt for Wazwan, the traditional feast served on ‘trami’ (platter) which is shared by four guests.

In the times of ongoing pandemic, medical experts have shown concern about such celebrations that it is carelessness of people.

But social media is showing rage towards this and slogans like ‘Jaan jaye par Wazwan na jaaye’ are becoming viral.

Despite restrictions imposed by the government that only guests allowed will be 25 still it is feared that marriages could become another super spreader in Kashmir.

A medical expert said that when four people sit together to eat Wazwan nobody knows if the Waza or the cook is infected or not, such gatherings can create a mess.

A senior doctor from Kashmir who did not want to be named said that Wazwan should be stopped to stop Covid spread. “Nikah is enough but showing off can create a huge loss and suffering” he said.

One of the senior officials said that people are forgetting humanity by doing such celebrations. “These celebrations should have been stopped in such times of crises” he lamented.

But no heed is being paid to such advice as both the sides are in the blame game and proving each other wrong.

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