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Media persons covering Muharram procession lathi charged by police in Srinagar

Kashmir police allegedly beat up media persons who were covering a Muharram procession in Jahengir Chowk locality in Srinagar. 

Reports suggested that the media persons were covering the procession at Jehangir Chowk when they were asked to move away due to security reasons by the police.

Former Chief Minister of J&K, Mehbooba Mufti tried to politicize the incident and said on Twitter, “

Media is spending hours debating the human tragedy & unfolding crisis in Afghanistan but will they speak up for their own community in Kashmir who were beaten to pulp today by security forces for doing their job?”

 On the other hand Kashmir zone police through its Twitter handle clarified, “We #respect the religious #sentiments and practices of all but at the same time it is also our joint #responsibility to defeat the ill designs of vested interest who try to disturb #peaceful atmosphere”

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