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Mid-air tragedy averted as battery explodes soon after unloading from IAF plane at Leh airport

A tragedy was averted when a battery exploded soon it was unloaded from an Indian Air Force (IAF) plane in Leh.

The flight from Chandigarh to Leh along with soldiers and material landed at the defense airport on Friday early morning after which the material was unloaded in trucks.

In one of the truck, a battery along with some paint and other goods was kept which exploded.

According to The Tribune Newspaper the IAF authorities at the airbase were left panicked. The blast was so intense that it blew off the tarpaulin on the truck in which it was kept after unloading.

The newspaper reported that soon after the incident, senior IAF officials immediately directed the staff members not to carry any battery and power bank even with a safety certificate during the flight. A thorough check of all the baggage has been ordered for all those travelling in the IAF carriers.

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