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Officers to mentor their towns in Jammu and Kashmir for some years: Chief Secretary

Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta today remarked that the ‘Prabhari Officers’ for towns under ‘My Town My Pride 2.0’ should assimilate themselves into the ethos of these places as they are going to mentor these for few years.

He made these comments while speaking during an interactive session held to sensitize the visiting officers about this programme.

The meeting was attended by all the Administrative Secretaries, Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and other senior officers besides the designated visiting officers for all the 78 ULBs.

Kashmir based officers participated in the meeting through video conferencing.

Dr Mehta impressed upon them to be proactive throughout this programme and have close allegiance with them so that the relationship is long-lasting and favorable. He observed that there are sufficient funds at the disposal of PRIs and they should be assisted fully to develop efficient  plans for the people of respective areas.

The Chief Secretary also made out that focus should be on service delivery instead of creating the infrastructure only. He maintained that soft power like Aadhar Card, Golden Card, Property Certificate, Land Passbook, Ration Card, enrolment in Social Security Schemes are equally significant for people. He stated that these services empower people and make access to utilities easy. He asked the officers to create ample awareness among public about all the online services and portals created by the government during past few years.

He laid emphasis on formulation of different plans like City Tourism Plan, City Livelihood Plan, City Cleanliness Plan and others in consultation with the locals and elected Municipal bodies. He sensitized all the officers about the importance of such activities and called upon them to put in their best efforts to saturate demand for self employment. He also asked them to saturate the Centrally Sponsored Schemes meant for such areas.

The Chief Secretary observed that the cities are the face of every region and people in cities are most sensitive, vocal and knowledgeable. He advised the officers to engage with them more purposefully and make best out of this engagement. He stressed on creating each of them into ‘Aspirational Towns’.

The Chief Secretary also stressed on making the revenue records of cities like Jammu and Srinagar readily available to people for their viewing. He directed officers to undertake time bound updation and reconciliation of these records based on the allied facts and documents. He also told them   to take the initiative of creating geo tagged and 3-dimensional digital records for these cities so that those owning vertical properties like flats etc have better avenues to monitor it. He called on the Visiting Officers to create the awareness about online services and RAS feedback in public so that they are able to avail these at their doorsteps.

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