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Orders of clubbing of schools by CEOs, ZEOs withdrawn by J&K government

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In a stern action, School Education Department in Jammu and Kashmir pulled up Chief Education Officers (CEOs) and Zonal Education Officers (ZEOs) for surpassing their authority and issuing merger order of schools.

Various merger orders passed by Chief Education Officers and Zonal Education Officers regarding merger of schools have been abstained by the School Education Department.

Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK) circular read that it has come to fore that CEOs and ZEOs on their own issued orders for clubbing and merger of schools and issuance of such orders is sheer misuse of official authority. The department has pulled up all the CEOs and ZEOs and put them under strict instructions not to issue any order regarding clubbing or merger of the government schools.

It is pertinent to mention that recently department decided to merge nearly 700 government schools very less students enrolled. Department decided that the primary schools with zero or less than three students will be merged with the nearest possible school keeping in view the access aspect with the co-operation of PRIs

The decision was taken to keep the optimum Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) in schools.

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