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Poor dental hygiene can cause many heart problems: Dr Gautam Sharma

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“Poor oral hygiene is a risk factor for cardiac diseases and many heart problems can be prevented by maintaining good dental health”, said Dr Gautam Sharma, MDS in Periodontics and former president of Indian Dental Association, Jammu.

He pointed out that various scientific studies throughout the world have clearly demonstrated that dental diseases, particularly, gum disease can cause spread of bacteria to the heart and other vital organs of the body through the bloodstream.

He stressed that bleeding from gums while brushing should be taken seriously. If bleeding gums, deposits on teeth, mobile teeth, gingival recession, discoloration of teeth and gums is observed, then the patient must immediately report to a periodontist for a clinical examination. If gum problems are treated at an early stage then normal dental health can be maintained otherwise chronic inflammation of gum tissues can cause general health problems.

One of the most common contributors of atherosclerosis and thrombus formation, which causes cardiac complications, is chronic inflammation of the periodontal tissues, caused due to dental plaque containing virulent bacteria, below the gums (sub-gingival plaque).

Dr. Gautam further explained that periodontitis is the condition that affects gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament around the teeth. Periodontitis not only causes heart problems but can also complicate pregnancy, dysregulates diabetes, lung infection and kidney disease. Females suffering from periodontitis may have complicated pregnancy events and may give birth to low birth weight (LBW) and preterm babies having complications including cerebral palsy, impaired learning, vision and hearing difficulties, chronic health issues, psychological problems etc. Many cases of periodontitis may develop insulin resistance which adversely affects the metabolic control, and may contribute to the development of diabetic complications.

Dr Gautam who is a Periodontist, said that patients who want to consult for their dental issues can call on 7006672655 free of cost as many patients requiring dental advise and treatment are not able to visit dental clinic or hospital because of the ongoing corona pandemic. He advised that brushing twice daily with a soft bristle toothbrush will help maintain good oral health by removing the plaque from the tooth surface. If bleeding from gums is present then the patient must immediately report to a Periodontist who is a gums disease specialist. 

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