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Punjab Special Satta: How city names are being used to promote lottery

Punjab special satta may sound like a ruler of a city in the Indian heartland. Similar is the name Faridabad satta king. However the names are not related to any king or a ruler but lottery that is popular in Haryana and Punjab.

Faridabad is one of the most populous cities in the state of Haryana and a prominent one in the Hindi belt of the country as a result Faridabad satta king has also become famous over the time.

Lottery has always been the first choice of people in states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana. Faridabad satta king is the name given to the lottery that is prominent in the city and played by a large number of people.

Lottery being associated is not a new thing in the business of gambling. It is not only the Faridabad but names like Punjab special satta, Rajasthan gold satta and Meerut city satta king are other source of gambling that are popular in other cities of the country.

While Punjab special satta is popular in the northern state of Punjab, Rajasthan gold satta is prominent in the state and Meerut city satta is played by people in the city of Uttar Pradesh. The rules and regulations in all the lotteries are almost same and done in a way that it does not attract attention by police.

While all these lotteries are very popular in their respective regions, Faridabad satta king is played by almost 10 lakh people in a month and has become one of the most popular lotteries or satta.

Other lotteries like punjab special satta, Rajasthan gold satta, Meerut city satta king are all illegal and run even as police and local administration is well aware of the where-about of the people running this business. There is a simple rule in the business – there is no direct contact between the people selling the numbers and those operating the websites where the winners are announced.

These lotteries are run in such a way that the owner of Faridabad satta king or Punjab special satta may be sitting in West Bengal and running the website that displays the names of the winners. It is not necessary that the person running the lotteries will be at the same location where this illegal business is run. There have been cases where these lotteries are run from Nepal.

As per sources Rajasthan gold satta, Meerut city satta king may be run from people sitting in Bihar while Punjab special satta and Faridabad satta king may be operated from city in Uttar Pradesh.

Interestingly, even in Punjab it is mostly the migrant labourers who work in factories and industries who play Punjab special satta and Faridabad satta king. It makes it clear that workers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa among states who migrate to Punjab and other regions for better prospects are the ones who play these lotteries.

Rajasthan gold satta

As the name suggests, Rajasthan gold satta attracts the workers from the state who work in different industrial units across the country. The website of the satta not only deals with the Rajasthan satta but also caters to other lotteries from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal among other areas. The website gives live results of different lotteries and any person without logging in to the website can know and see the results of these lotteries.

However Rajasthan gold satta is very famous and is played twice in a week after which the result is declared on the website.  A person gets the money by visiting the local vendor from where the lottery number was taken.

Meerut City Satta King

The name is given to the lottery in Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh. Meerut city satta king is quite popular among the young lot and played online. Even as it is not authorized by the government, website running the satta claims that it has maximum lot of young people who visit in large number to play the lottery.

Be it Faridabad satta king or punjab special satta, most of the privately run lotteries is not legal in India and must be discouraged. Police of different states from time to time raid the lottery centers where numbers are issued but that cannot solve the purpose as the originator of these lotteries is website that are operated from different locations.

Who knows if Faridabad satta king is run from Punjab or Punjab special satta is run from Faridabad. Only a thorough investigation by the cyber cell of police can unlock the mystery and save lakhs of people from losing their hard earned money in lotteries that have entered the system of the country especially the Hindi belt.

Whatever said and done Faridabad satta king is on top of the chart at present.