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Rejuvenation exercise of Village Defense Committees start in Reasi

Professionally untrained but highly committed for self and community defense against terrorists, the village defense committees (VDCs) equipped with sophisticated arms have proved stone wall defense against terrorists in remote hilly areas of Jammu region.

Considering it an invaluable asset to the department and a force multiplier for security of the region, district police chief Shailender Singh chalked out a detailed strategy for  practice fire for the members of VDCs of district Reasi.

Under this schedule, range classification has been initiated at firing butt STC Talwara for the SPO’s and members of VDCs of Reasi and Katra area.

For police sub-division Arnas and practice fire is also scheduled and started at firing butt Rud khad at Arnas. In Mahore and Chassana area practice fire for VDC members has been planned at firing butt Sildhar Mahore.

Under this exercise all VDC members and SPO’s are coming at nearest firing butts and checking their firing capabilities after cleaning and zeroing their weapons.

VDC members are swarming on firing butts with zest and are excited to check their capabilities in firing with their .303 weapons and are welcoming this step of Reasi Police.

Considering it an important exercise for those who didn’t check their weapons and fired since long, SSP Reasi Conveyed that a schedule of one week will be helpful  for nearly 6000 members of VDC including 20 women members of district Reasi who are deployed in their own villages for safety and security of the villagers.

VDC being a force Multiplier considered as first response to thwart any nefarious designs of anti national element in remote areas.

Shailender Singh further stressed that since VDC played a pivotal role in safety and security in the villages, to rejuvenate them, it is necessary to exercise and practice the firing by their  weapons which can only be done with such exercises from time to time and conveyed that Reasi Police will conduct many other exercises with the involvement of VDC members of district Reasi in future.

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