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Residents of different areas in Jammu protest against liquor shops

Residents from different parts of Jammu have taken a stand against the authorities for allowing liquor shops to open in residential areas and near educational institutes.

Amid slogans against the Excise Department and the administration, a large number of people gathered in various parts of Jammu region for the approval of a proposal of opening wine shops at residential places and educational institutes and also near religious places.

One of the protestors in Jammu said that alcohol  is the root cause for evils so the sale and purchase of the liquor should at least be banned near religious places and educational institutes besides residential places.

Sunil Mahajan a protester in Shakti Nagar area said that a wine shop is being opened just at a walking distance of cremation ground, church, graveyards, etc in Jammu. “It is not good to open a wine shop near these places. Moreover youth of Jammu will be bewitched towards liquor which they will not let happen” Mahajan said.

Protesters are accusing the administration to turn Jammu, also called as city of temples into liquor city. “Shakti Nagar area has schools and temples in it then why the administration has given permission of opening liquor shops there” Vishal Sharma, a resident of the area questioned.

Moreover opening of liquor shops near educational institutes will have an impact on the safety of women folk, specifically school going girls.

By opening liquor shops at such places is evoking the emotions and creating trust deficit among people against administrations.

The protesting people at all the places have demanded that the concerned authorities look  into the matter and direct the concerned department to reallocate the wine shops to some other non-residential areas.

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