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Sajad Lone holds meeting in Sopore to strengthen PC

In a move to strengthen grassroots connection, the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference (JKPC) President Sajad Gani Lone held a meeting of the Sopore constituency today. This meeting saw the attendance of Senior Vice President and Constituency Incharge Abdul Gani Vakil along with several prominent party workers from the constituency.

The key focus of this gathering was to discuss various organizational and party related matters pivotal for strengthening the party’s foundation at the grassroots level.

Lone while emphasising the importance of strengthening the party’s connection with the local communities said that the party’s goal is to ensure that the voices of the people of Sopore are heard and their needs are adequately addressed. 

“We are dedicated to reaching out and making a tangible difference in the lives of the common masses,” he stated.

Senior Vice President Abdul Gani Vakil also highlighted the party’s commitment to deepen its roots in the constituency through various community-oriented programs and initiatives. 

“We are invigorating our party’s presence in Sopore by focusing on intensifying efforts in reaching out to the people, understanding local issues, and working diligently and collaboratively towards a better and prosperous future,” he remarked.

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