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Since 12 years over Rs 60 crore Irrigation Scheme incomplete in Kathua

The construction work of over Rs 60 crore Diversion Channel for Irrigation and Water Supply Scheme commonly known as Check Dam and Guide Bunds for water storage in Wajhoo Nallah in Khokhyal village of tehsil and district Kathua is still incomplete which started in year 2009.

It was started by the Irrigation and Flood Control Department now called Jal Shakti at an approximate cost of Rs 25.85 crore to supply irrigation water to the 3225 hectares of Agriculture land in unirrigated areas of Kathua tehsil known as Andad (interior area of Kathua district).

The estimated time period to complete this project was of three years and work was allotted to Ascon Contractor Pvt Ltd. But in between was stopped because of villagers as they started agitation demanding compensation of land given by them for the project.

Locals are waiting for completion of this project as it could irrigate a vast agriculture land in the area and promote fisheries and also will attract tourists.

It is termed as a multipurpose project since Check Dam besides providing irrigation water for agriculture and horticulture land, flood protection, fish farming, tourism promotion and field observations, also would have benefited farmers by increasing their production if was completed timely.

The authorities claimed that 80 percent work of the project is complete but the remaining work needs about Rs 35 crore more which will cover the compensation of land, price escalaion over the years and construction of additional works like drainage system, canal headway to supply water for irrigation purpose, maintainance of reservior, construction of reservoir protection wall which is fully damaged and gates to flow the water.

Chief Engineer Irrigation and Flood Control Jammu, Himesh Manchanda said that work was stopped due to agitation of the people demanding compensation for land.

Himesh Manchanda said a revised DPR for Check Dam amounting to Rs 6370.24 lakhs has been submitted to the Central Water Commission (CWC) in Feburary last year for approval and once funds are sanctioned, work will be resumed.

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