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Some fuel stations in Jammu fooling customers, fined Rs 30,000

Last Updated on December 3, 2021 at 6:38 pm

Legal Metrology Department has recovered Rs 30,000 fine from a city petrol pump for less delivery.

On the directions of the Controller, Legal Metrology Department, Majid K. A. Drabu, a team of officers/officials of Legal Metrology Enforcement Jammu conducted surprise raids on some petrol pumps in Jammu city and adjoining areas.

The enforcement team detected a shortage in petrol delivery in one of the petrol pumps. The team immediately booked management of the concerned pump under relevant provisions of law, while seizing and stopping supply of fuel to consumers from the faulty nozzle.

The department, after due legal procedure, imposed a penalty of Rs 30,000 on the erring pump owner and directed its management to apply for recalibration of pump before it is put to use for public delivery system.

The  officials clarified that every nozzle of a pump is mandatorily required to be test checked by management at least thrice a day as per relevant law and Oil Marketing Company Guidelines. 

In case there is lesser or excess delivery than the reading shown on digital display, the function of concerned nozzle is required to be stopped by management of the concerned pump station while prominently showing it as “out of order” and thereafter they need to approach the department for recalibration/readjustment.

The officials of the department directed all fuel stations of the area to keep a 5-litre verified measure at their premises to empower a common person to satisfy the measure of delivery of fuel.