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Stray dog population increasing rapidly in Ladakh, administration intensifies steps

With the population of stray dogs in Ladakh exploding into threatening numbers, administration is getting more concerned about the issue.

Fear amongst people to be mauled by pack of dogs is increasing day by day in Leh and its neighboring villages. A meeting of wildlife department was recently conducted to discuss the matter by the Lt Governor of Ladakh RK Mathur.

LG emphasized on handling the matter in quick manner and directed wildlife department to install bio-digesters to facilitate the production of manure for agricultural fields and minimize feral dog issue. He further suggested for pollution control mechanisms such as bio-waste management in hotels on which these dogs feed.

There have been many reports of attacks of feral dogs on people, rare bird species, livestock as well as killed many cattle of villagers. Moreover, there have been incidents of interbreeding of Himalayan wolves with feral dogs in Ladakh, resulting in a much aggressive breed of dogs that were responsible for attacks on cattle in villages.

Leh Municipal Committee (MC), which is working along with the Animal Husbandry Department to sterilise stray dogs, is facing severe staff shortage. There are only three persons who are handling the sterilisation process in the MC.

Stanzin Rabgais, executive officer, Leh MC told The Tribune that because of shortage of staff, sterilisation had become very difficult. Rabgais further said that dumping of waste material across the area has resulted in increased stray dogs.

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