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Three children who crossed LoC repatriated to Pakistan Occupied Jammu Kashmir

Indian Army troops apprehended three children in Poonch , who crossed the Line of Control from Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir to Indian side.

Indian troops deployed along the LOC in Poonch sector through their well coordinated and effective surveillance network observed a suspicious movement on Indian side of the LOC. 

The area was immediately cordoned and three  individuals were apprehended. The apprehended individuals turned out to be young children between 9 to 17 years of age.

There was a fourth person who was the eldest among them and managed to run away from the Line of Control. Indian troops did not open fire on the individual attempting to cross back to Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir, since the troops noticed that they were children.

On interaction, the children revealed that they belong to Chhatra and Troti Dharmshal across the Line of Control. They claim to be labourers excavating sand from river and nallah beds and they crossed the line of control for fishing.

An official statement by army stated that the children were treated very humanely and compassionately beholding the finest traditions of the Indian Army. “On 20 Aug 2021 the children were safely repatriated to Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir. This reminds us of the time when Indian Army repatriated three girls in Dec 2020, proving that Indian Army is not only ever alert for our safety, but treats innocent with compassion and care”.

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