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Zanskar, an unexplored destination for tourists in want of serenity

Zanskar, located in Ladakh is considered to be one of the least explored destinations. It is only accessible between April and August.

The scenic views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains and sparkling blue rivers is a major tourist attraction.

Tourists find the Pensi La Pass that separates Zanskar Valley from Suru Valley a very attractive place to visit. Some also prefer to stay in nearby areas like Padum and Leh where there are tourist complexes and several other accommodation options like hotels, resorts and guest-houses catering to budget, mid-range and luxury. There are various monasteries to visit there that should not be missed.

Situated in the Himalayan range, Zanskar is popular with adventure freaks. Adventure activities such as water rafting, trekking, paragliding are major attractions. A unique trek that is offered here is one on frozen water.

Most of the visitors to Zanskar Valley plan a trip for two to three days. Tourists if they prefer to reach by air then the option of the Kushok Bakula airport which is the closest airport to Leh is available and then one can hire a vehicle to get to Zanskar Valley later.

Option of train is also available and one can reach the Jammu Tawi railway station and then, take a taxi or hired vehicle to take you to Leh and later to Zanskar Valley. Road trips are one of the most loved and coming via road to reach Zanskar Valley one must travel first to Kargil, which can be accessed via Srinagar or Leh.

Once a tourist reaches Leh, one can opt for a hired vehicle or via the road route to Zanskar, via Kargil. The best way to get to Leh is through Srinagar, which offers well connected roads and a safe route for tourists to reach their travel destination.

Also, there are a lot of hotels serving Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. Hotels and lodges have their own in-house restaurants that serve Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Continental cuisine. Zanskar doesn’t have too many shopping options but the Pashmina and Kashmiri, the handicrafts and silk carpets are the most preferred by tourists.

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