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4 killed & 3 injured as SUV skids into gorge near Ramban, Police & civil QRT offers food to stranded passengers

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 at 5:09 pm

Four persons were killed and three injured when an SUV carrying them skidded off the road and plunged into a deep gorge in Jammu’s Ramban district on Monday, official sources said.

The car, which was on its way from Ukhrall to Maligam, skidded off due to slippery road conditions due to rain and mudslides and fell into a gorge near Maligam, they said.

The locals rushed to the spot at Abbas Morh and rescued the victims, the police said.

The SUV driver Sajjad Ahmad and three passengers—Abdul Wahid Bali, Aanayatullah , Mohammad Ayoub Bali lost their lives in the incident, they said.

DC Ramban has announced immediate assistance Rs.1 lakh to the next of kin of each deceased and Rs.50,000 to the injured.

Meanwhile, in a remarkable demonstration of solidarity, the Ramban Police and the Civil Quick Response Team (QRT) have come together to provide crucial support to over 500 stranded passengers facing adversity at Naka Shan Palace. This collaborative effort transcends the ordinary, showcasing a harmonious union in the face of challenging circumstances.

The joint initiative unfolded at Naka Shan Palace, where the Ramban Police and Civil QRT worked hand in hand to serve meals to those affected by unforeseen circumstances. Beyond the provision of sustenance, this gesture symbolizes the strength of community spirit, emphasizing that unity and compassion prevail in times of need.

Furthermore, the Ramban Police’s swift and heroic response to a traffic-halting landslide near Hingni Ramsoo exemplifies their unwavering commitment to public service. Stranded passengers on the blocked National Highway found relief through the thoughtful provision of water, tea, biscuits, lunch, and additional food items by the Ramban Police.

This collaborative initiative reflects the dedication of both the Ramban Police and the Civil QRT to the welfare of the community. Their swift and compassionate response in providing meals for the stranded passengers at Naka Shan Palace exemplifies the power of collective action during times of crisis.

The Ramban Police and Civil QRT continue to stand as pillars of support, embodying the values of unity and compassion that are crucial in fostering resilience within the community. This joint effort not only addresses immediate needs but also underscores the spirit of solidarity that defines the people of Ramban, said the police.