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40% of of households on right bank of Tawi river linked with sewerage

Last Updated on November 20, 2021 at 10:20 pm

Divisional Commissioner Jammu Dr Raghav Langer directed the agencies to categorise their targets with respect to number of households, effluent volume and nallahs to be tapped. He sought detailed stage wise progress on each individual portion of the city’s sewerage network.

While examining the presentation by UEED, the Div Com stressed that certain areas like project reports should be improved. He directed the agency representative(s) to identify bottlenecks and eliminate the same.

The Divisional Commissioner insisted that the agencies design the ambitious project with the aim of arresting dump of undesirable city effluents into river Tawi at the earliest, and set separate targets on the projects for its right and left banks.

Dr Langer was informed that roughly 40% of the projected number of households and its population on the right bank of River Tawi, has been linked with sewerage lines and the projects for saturating the rest population are under preparation. A total of 293 kms of sewerage network has been laid on the right bank in parts of Jammu East/Jammu West areas (Zone I&II). A total of 55,000 households have been tapped till date under the ongoing projects.

There are total 13 Nallahs draining into the river on the right bank and the departmental officials apprised the Div Com that approx 500 crore shall be required to fully tap them and lay complete network to fully cover all households on the right bank of City.

NBCC was reprimanded for being unable to complete the balance 1850 household connections under JNNURM/Languishing sector scheme and deadline of January 15, 2022 was set for the same. 

67 MLD capacity of Sewerage treatment plants (STPs) stands created in Bhagwati Nagar. The Div Com directed the respective officers to submit reports of daily inflow-outflow and power consumption logs of sewage treatment plants currently running in the city in addition to their BOD-COD test levels summaries.

Other aspects of the project, which include restoration, resurfacing of roads and electrification of the digging affected areas were also sought by the Div Com. He also directed complete resurfacing of the Circular Road within fifteen days.