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To discuss 6th schedule, Amit Shah calls top Ladakh leaders for talks

Last Updated on December 30, 2020 at 7:10 pm

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has called a meeting with apex body of Leh, socio-religious, political heads and new elected Chief Executive Councilor (CEC) of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Leh to the national capital on January 5. This meeting is called to discuss the 6th Schedule demand of the Ladakhis. Home Minister called Thupstan Chhewang, leader of the People’s Movement for Sixth Schedule and two-time Lok Sabha members, was called, the Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) didn’t receive any call for the invitation. However, Chhewang decided to join the KDA in attending the meeting.

Amit Shah

Chhewang said that he and his companions who led the movement have accepted the invite from the Home Minister and will reach New Delhi on January 3 or 4. This time they are likely to visit Shah with a large delegation including members of apex body besides heads of political parties, socio-religious organizations. Chhewang said that the apex body has decided that they will insist on Sixth Schedule demand for Ladakh.

CEC, LAHDC Tashi Gyalson said that they have full faith in the Government of India and they have been very supportive to them. It’s his suggestion and not demand of creation of a new 13th Schedule which should be made keeping in mind Ladakh. Gyalson said that there are 12 Schedules in the country and 13th one can be tailored to meet requirements of Ladakh.

The Ladakhis are demanding security for their land, jobs, culture, identity, language, geography etc the Union Home Ministry has assured them. There are also some differences noticed between Leh and Kargil politicians. Kargil leaders, especially Kargil Democratic Association complained that the Union Home Minister did not invite them even though they are equally a part of the movement and should be called to join the discussion.

Feroz Khan said that the MHA had clearly mentioned in its press note that representatives from Kargil will also be invited for discussions. The MHA must invite the Kargil Democratic Alliance for talks as promised, he demanded.

The Union Home Ministry had promised leaders of Ladakh that all Constitutional safeguards will be provided to the people of Ladakh in the form of Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India or some other form. The Centre had promised that they will consult leaders from Leh and Kargil both before taking any decision.