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J&K: ACB arrests two govt engineers for demanding bribe

Last Updated on July 24, 2022 at 2:52 pm

Mukhtair Ahmad Joo, I/c Assistant Executive Engineer, R&B Electric Division North (Baramulla), was the subject of a complaint filed with the Anti Corruption Bureau for allegedly demanding bribes.

In his complaint, the plaintiff claimed to be an independent contractor. At an estimated cost of Rs. 4,14,720 on a competitive basis, he had finished the work of Fixing Internal Electrification with Main Control Panel and Service Line to 10 Roomed Double Stored Building at HS Busgran Uri, District Baramulla, which had been assigned to him via No. R&B/3798-3803 dated: 18/11/2021. The complainant finished all of the work within the allotted time and gave it to the relevant Division. But regrettably, in order to release the final payment, Mukhtair Ahmad Joo, I/c Asstt Executive Engineer of R&B Electric Sub Division, North (Baramulla), demanded a bribe of 20,000.

Upon receiving the complaint, the matter was covertly investigated, and it was discovered that Mukhtiar Ahmad Joo, I/c AEE, and Reyaz Ahmad, Peer Works Supervisor, both employed by R&B Electric Sub Division North (Baramulla), were seeking bribes from the complainant in the amounts of Rs 20,000 and Rs 5,000, respectively, in order to process his case for final payments. The allegations that these public officers demanded bribes were determined to be presumptively accurate.

Case FIR No. 20/2022 was filed in PS ACB Baramulla under Section 7 of the P.C. Act 1988 (as amended in 2018) and Section 120-B of the IPC against the two accused public employees for the demand of bribe based on the conclusions and recommendations of the Enquiry Officer. Investigations have since begun to uncover the truth. A tap team was formed as soon as the case was registered. While seeking and taking a bribe from the complainant, the team managed to catch both accused individuals in the act. They both underwent the necessary legal procedures before being taken into custody.

The case is being further investigated.