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Admitting only VVIPs during Covid peak, private hospital in Jammu now running ads to improve public image

Last Updated on January 20, 2021 at 3:36 pm

A private hospital located in Jammu, is now boasting about being the only hospital in entire region to provide healthcare to the masses. This hospital has been repeatedly alleged of treating only individuals who have deep pockets during Coronavirus surge in the region.

This private hospital is now continuously running advertisements on various FM stations of Jammu for praising itself and providing itself with a title of champion of providing healthcare to the masses during the Corona-pandemic.

Bursting all the tall claims, a local resident said that even though it is radio advertisements and the hospital has purchased air-time but the truth is far from what this advertisement depicts. A majority of people of Jammu are fully aware of the treatment practices of the hospital when the Coronavirus infections were at a peak.

Hospital even denied admitting and performing dialysis of a contractual Safai Karamchari of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) after he was tested positive for Corona. The private hospital asked him to go to GMC Jammu. The hospital even denied the mother of patient to provide PPE kit violating the laid norms.

Similarly in another case, a patient was shifted to CD Hospital Jammu after 12 days when he was tested positive for coronavirus. The hospital went through mass humiliation as reports of denying admission and treating common masses became public.

The hospital had a total change of heart when politicians, senior bureaucrats or some other important individual was admitted and provided them care and showed efforts in treating them.

When common masses wanted to get treatment, its behaviour completely changed. There were many reports published in the newspaper about denial of admission by the private hospital to common masses while it was open only for VVIPs.

An official said that government hospitals and their staff are real COVID-19 warriors, who provided equal healthcare and support to everyone during pandemic irrespective of class and status. Most of the private hospitals were either totally shut down or denied admitting people who don’t have influence or hefty bank balance.