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After 22 doctors found absent in GMC Anantnag, Principal says admin interfering in work

Last Updated on June 18, 2021 at 2:53 pm

The outbreak of coronavirus has such a huge impact that it has changed people’s lives to a great extent. May it be their health, way of living and many other factors.

Despite such health crises happening all around, the Principal of Government Medical College Anantnag has alleged that the district administration “was behaving irresponsibly after the Additional Deputy Commissioner Anantnag found that twenty two doctors were absent from their duties”.

Previously, Deputy Commissioner told GMC Anantnag authorities to be alert and ensure that doctors attend their duties well.

Principal Government Medical College Anantnag Dr Showket Jeelani stated in a letter which was addressed to Financial Commissioner Health and Medical Education Atal Dullo that District Administration Anantnag is not behaving responsibly and not performing their duties while dealing in this institution. As per reports in media, the letter was written alleging that the district administration was interfering in his institutional jurisdiction to undermine the integrity he possessed.

He wrote that interference by the district administration in his institutional jurisdiction are defaming his image. “I want to bring in the notice and strongly offend the continued interference of the district administration” he wrote.

He alleged that a team sent by Deputy Commissioner Anantnag did not follow the ethics and sought information directly from head of departments and did not give a courtesy call before rushing to the hospital.

As per reports, Deputy Commissioner Anantnag informed the Government that his team led by Additional Deputy Commissioner Ghulam Hassan Sheikh found 22 doctors absent from duties at Government Medical College Anantnag.

The absent doctors included four HOD’s, Assistant Professors and senior residents as well. The ENT department was completely shut during the visit.

DC Anantnag said that he noticed few reports regarding unauthorized absence of some doctors from duties at Government Medical College Anantnag. Deputy Commissioner Anantnag, Dr. Piyush Singla instructed the Principal of the college to keep a check on attendance of doctors and staff and make sure that the duties are performed responsibly.

 DC said that the doctors and all medical staff must regularly attend the duties which is even more important in ongoing difficult times.