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After killings, migrants working in Kashmir make a beeline at Jammu Railway station

Last Updated on October 18, 2021 at 2:14 pm

There is an atmosphere of fear in Jammu and Kashmir after four migrant workers were shot dead within 24 hours by Pakistan backed terrorists.

Labourers and street vendors who came to work to Kashmir from other states are now being forced to go back to their homes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Several migrant workers living in Kashmir have come to Jammu railway station and seen waiting for trains to their respective states.

Migrant workers at Jammu railway station. Pic courtesy Aaj Tak

The scene of railway stations has changed after the killing of two migrant laborers from Bihar in Kashmir on Sunday. A large number of migrant laborers were seen at the Jammu railway station, who want to return to their homes.

Many workers were seen impatiently waiting on footpath of Jammu railway station for their trains.

Describing their situation, the eyes of some laborers also filled with tears. Due to hunger, the children of laborers were seen crying. Migrant workers have said that their lives are in danger. The workers say that the situation is such that they do not even have any money left with them.

A migrant worker Suresh Kumar said that he along with his wife and two children had come to Kashmir in 2019 after abrogation of Article 370 to work. “We thought that situation would have changed in valley as the Narendra Modi led government had promised safety to non-locals. However it seems that there is no law and order left in Kashmir due to which I decided to move out immediately. I was in construction work but my contractor, did not pay my dues before I left” said Suresh.  

Some others alleged that the owner of the brick kiln where they used to work did not even pay their dues and without that they were forced to return home.