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Airlines can fly full capacity as load penalty at Jammu airport scrapped

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 at 2:06 pm

A major step that may help to lower airfares to Jammu as the load penalty on Jammu Airport has been scrapped. In a massive decision now the airlines can fly full capacity.

A NOTAM (notice to airmen) was issued by the Indian Air Force, which controls the Jammu Airport that lead to the removal of the 30 per cent load penalty on the airport.

There was a 30 per cent load penalty which meant that the airlines could book only 70 per cent of the seats available on a flight. This load restriction on Jammu Airport was placed in 2015 keeping in view of the inadequate quality and length of the runway at that time.

Due to the load restriction airlines either incurred a loss on flying to Jammu or raise fares to make up for the cost of keeping 30 per cent of seats empty. Thus, after the removal of the restriction fares may reduce and may lead to longer destinations.

An Official said that during the imposition of the load penalty, the airlines had to maintain a particular take-off weight which they could not exceed beyond it. He further informed that due to the extension and better strength of the runway at the Jammu airport, now airlines can carry more load compared to the time when the load penalty existed.

Officials said that due to increase in length and strength of the Jammu Airport runway there will be more passenger capacity as well as bigger aircrafts will be allowed to operate at this airport.

Officials further informed that bigger aircraft needs more fueling capacity and with more fuel capacity, now airlines operating from Jammu could also have direct flights to more far-off destinations which will give a major boost to travel as well as tourism to Jammu and Kashmir.