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All posts of PSC and JKSSB will be readvertised and candidates recruited: J&K Govt

Last Updated on February 6, 2022 at 5:21 pm

All the vacancies recalled by a recent decision of the Administrative Council shall be referred again to recruitment agencies for fast track recruitment as per the new domicile, reservation and recruitment rules providing equal opportunity to all.  “A free, fair and merit based selection shall be quickly ensured” J&K government said on Sunday.

It is also clarified that withdrawal of posts referred to PSC /SSB before 31.10.2019 has only been done for posts where selections have not been made and results have not been declared.

It is important to note that a number of posts referred to PSC /SSB by various departments, have remained stuck up for long time, in some cases 2004 onwards.  Some of these posts could not have been advertised, as they were against recruitment rules. Therefore, selection against these posts could not have been made. Withdrawing these posts was essential to ensure that they can be filled up as per rules in vogue, opening opportunities for youth of J&K.

Appointments to posts referred are required to be made in a timely manner, normally within a year or so. Delay of several years vitiates the recruitment process.

Recruitment Rules of various departments have been changed/ updated. The qualifications and experience required for a number of posts has changed.

After 31.10.2019, some posts were also transferred to the Union Territory of Ladakh. Selection against posts transferred to the Union Territory of Ladakh can no longer be made. Hence, withdrawal of these posts was essential.

It is important to note that job opportunities for the youth have not been curtailed in any way due to withdrawal of these posts. All these posts will be re-advertised soon and recruitment completed on fast track mode. It is also worth mentioning that recruitment against another about 3000 Class IV posts which had been advertised recently is being completed soon.