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Another case of discrimination? Srinagar allotted Rs 1500 cr but Jammu only Rs 650 cr

Last Updated on September 27, 2021 at 5:07 pm

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M Scindia recently announced that two new airport terminals shall be established in Jammu and Kashmir soon. But this recent announcement has raised many eyebrows and new debate. Many people took to social media to express anger over doing discrimination with the Jammu region.

Despite BJP is ruling the country, Jammu-based netizens expressed anger after the announcement. Rajinder Singh, a Jammu resident said that they are nationalist that is why they have to face this discrimination.

The Union Minister on Saturday announced that an airport terminal worth Rs. 1500 crore shall be established on 25 thousand square metres in Kashmir, while as another airport terminal worth Rs. 650 crore shall be established in Jammu on 22 thousand square metres land size.

Another Jammu based netizen said that difference in the funds allocated for Kashmir and Jammu is the example of discrimination. He further said that nothing has been done to remove 75-year-old discrimination with the Jammu region.
Also another netizen of Jammu expressed outrage through soial media over the amount allocated for the establishment of airport.

Sahil Dogra, another youth of Jammu, who always use social media to highlight Jammu’s issues also availed this opportunity to pinpoint this discrimination.

As per reports, the minister said that since a special focus is being given on the development of both air and road connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir, a major road network including highways, ring roads, tunnels, and other projects are being constructed across Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.