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Aspirant from Jammu could not crack UPSC, takes internet by storm

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 at 5:58 pm

After the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination results were out on May 30, many aspirants who cleared the exam received congratulatory messages and there are some who couldn’t crack the exam.  

Tweet of UPSC aspirant from Jammu went viral after the result was declared. UPSC Aspirant named Rajat Sambyal has taken the internet world by storm. After the UPSC result was out, it was a shocking moment for Sambyal who is also a civil engineer. 

Rajat Sambyal said it was his 6th attempt in the UPSC but he could not make it because of his low score in the interview Posting a photo of his mark sheet, he said he missed by 11 marks. “10 years of hard work ended in ashes… ‘And I still rise’,” he said.

Though he was successful in passing the Preliminary and Mains written examinations but could not clear the Personal Interview round. He has fallen 11 marks short of reaching the cut-off. Sambyal took to his Twitter account and shared a photograph of his UPSC mark sheet along with one photograph of him standing in front of the UPSC office. According to his post, in his last 5 attempts, he failed to clear the Prelims thrice and could not pass the Mains twice. 

Many people responded to his tweet with encouraging messages. Many social netizens asked him to look at other avenues as he is a civil engineer. Some, however, encouraged him to be strong and not give up his dream.