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CIK arrests radicalised youth heading to join terrorist ranks on motivation of Pakistani handlers

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 at 6:20 pm

The Counter Intelligence Kashmir (CIK) today arrested one hard-core/radicalised individual namely Waseem Ahmed Shaikh of village Beerwah District Budgam who was about to join terrorist ranks on the motivation of some Pakistani based terrorist handlers, CIK said on Thursday.

On 29.04.24, an input was received from reliable sources that terrorist outfit Ansar Gazwat-Ul-Hind (an offshoot/manifestation of ISIS/ISKP) is trying to re-establish its base and revive its cadres in Kashmir. In furtherance to this criminal conspiracy, one Pakistan based terror handler of AuGH identified as Hamzah @ Gazi has been learnt brainwashing/ radicalizing Kashmiri youth to join terrorist ranks. It was further learnt that AuGH has brainwashed and cultivated few committed Hybrid OGWs in Kashmir valley and these hybrid OGW in connivance with Pak terrorist handlers are planning a terrorist recruitment drive in the valley.

The input was further developed technically and one brainwashed individual namely Waseem Ahmad Sheikh R/o Beerwah was identified on ground and was accordingly detained for questioning.  During preliminary investigation it was revealed that he was in constant touch with Pak based terrorist  handlers through virtual mode identified as aliases Zakir Bhai, Sulfe Bhai, Gazee Hams, Nisar Kaloch, Rizwaan Baie, Ansar Bhai,Wahid Baie, Hyder Bhai and Saifulla Baie and was about to join AuGH terrorist outfit by forming a new group. He had been further assigned to identify a group of youth willing to join terrorism with AuGH terrorist outfit. It was further revealed that the Pak based terrorist commander had assured him of supplying Arms /Ammunitions for him and his group in coming days.

Investigation further revealed that he was a part of many WhatsApp/Telegram groups associated with terrorist outfits. Further investigation is on to identify other members of such groups to take further legal actions against them.

It is urged to the parents that they should keep an eye on the activities of their children using social media so that they may not fall in the trap of various groups on WhatsApp/ Telegram/Signal and other social media applications. These groups are being run by Pakistan based terrorist commanders / handlers to radicalize and recruit gullible youth into the terrorist ranks.

By this action of CIK, a terrorist recruitment module of AuGH terrorist outfit has been timely busted and several youths have been saved from joining terrorism.