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Circular issued to all departments of J&K to regulate expenditure

Last Updated on November 10, 2021 at 6:04 pm

Finance department has asked all the departments of J&K to streamline and regulate the expenditure in Government Departments during the remaining period of current Financial Year 2021-22, all the Administrative Secretaries, Head of Departments, DDOs and Treasury Officers are advised to strictly adhere to the following guidelines:-

1. The funds shall be drawn as per the actual demand / requirement.

2. Proposals for parking of funds in “Civil Deposit” in order to avoid lapsing of funds shall not be entertained and processed.

3. The additionality proposals involving new scheme/ project shall be avoided at this stage as the budget formulation exercise has been already completed.

4. The expenditure shall be regulated in such a manner so as to ensure that all procedures are complied with and there is no irregular, infructuous or wasteful expenditure.

5. All departments shall ensure uniform pace of expenditure during the financial year 2021-22. The overall ceiling of 30% expenditure shall be maintained during the last quarter of the Financial Year 2021-22. The expenditure during the last month of the current Financial Year 2021-22 shall be restricted to 15% of the budget allocation.

6. The Treasury Officers shall strictly monitor and regulate expenditure at their level by following all the required provisions of GFR-2017 and instructions thereof issued by Finance Department from time to time. Any lapse in this regard will result in appropriate disciplinary procedure against the concerned officers/officials.

7. All Administrative Secretaries shall effectively supervise and take necessary steps for implementation of standard measures outlined above. Director Finance (s) / FA & CAOs shall assist the respective Administrative Secretaries in securing the compliances to these measures outlined above & also submit regular report to the Finance Department in case of any violation noticed thereof.