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Covid-19 vaccination scam in Punjab; Is the Govt of J&K keeping an eye on Pvt Hospitals?

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 at 9:36 pm

With a major Covid-19 vaccination scam unearthed in neighboring Punjab, is the government of Jammu and Kashmir keeping an eye on private hospitals of Union Territory?

Many private hospitals in Punjab were recently found to be charging Rs 350 besides the vaccination cost to issue a certificate of co-morbidity to individuals that gives priority in vaccination to even those people who are below 60 years of age.

Reports stated that people as old as 18 years were jabbed in private hospitals in Punjab that was gross violation of norms set by the union government of the country.

Hospitals in Punjab are minting money and finding an opportunity in this time of health emergency in the world. Several private hospitals have been allowed even in Jammu and Kashmir to administer Covid-19 vaccination, however so far there has been no inspection by any senior functionary of the government at these institutions to know if everything was going as per norms.