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Dairy farmers in Kashmir dump hundreds of litres of milk down the drain

Last Updated on January 31, 2022 at 4:07 pm

Anguished with lowered demand, dairy farmers of Lar area in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district dumped hundreds of litres of milk in the drain. In a heart wrenching scene, due to dip in demand dairy farmers are dumping hundreds of litres of milk down the drain every day since last month.

Dairy farmers anguished with the less demand of the milk and are dumping it in drains.

As per dairy farmers in Repora village of Lar tehsil which is considered to be one of the highest milk producing village lowering demand for milk during the last one month has forced them to dump hundreds of litres of milk in drains which obviously in return led to huge losses to farmers.

Farmers said that many people in this area has opted for dairy farming as entrepreneurship after taking loans from the government but the current situation has brought miseries and financial losses. Farmers further said that since last month they are selling only 40 percent of the milk as there are no buyers.

Bashir Ahmad, a dairy farmer said that they are not aware of the reasons for dip in demand and can be due to Covid-19 or supply of packed milk from outside or anything else.

Zamrooda, another dairy farmer said that she has 20 cows and her inability to sell milk has hit her livelihood and the cows are on the verge of starvation now.

“We don’t know how we and our cows will survive in such a situation. We appeal to the LG administration to intervene and save us and our cows,” said Nasir Ahmad.

Farmers are demanding that this issue needs a proper redressal.