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DC Doda examines safety of Khelleni Tunnel

Last Updated on November 21, 2023 at 6:29 pm

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Doda, Harvinder Singh visited the Khelleni Tunnel for inspection. DC Doda inspected various aspects of the tunnel, including its structural integrity, ventilation systems, lighting facilities, and other safety measures. He also reviewed the compliance of the construction project with the specified standards and guidelines.

DC expressed satisfaction with the work done so far and appreciated the efforts of the construction team. He emphasized the importance of completing the project within the stipulated time frame and ensuring the quality of work meets the required standards.

The Khelleni Tunnel is a significant infrastructure development project of alternate National Highway 244 under execution of NHIDCL, in Doda and Kishtwar district, which aims to improve connectivity and enable smoother transportation in the region. The tunnel, once completed, will provide a shorter and more efficient route for commuters, particularly during harsh weather conditions.

DC Harvinder Singh assured the public that all necessary measures will be taken to expedite the construction work and ensure its timely completion. He also urged the concerned authorities to maintain quality control throughout the project to ensure a safe and durable tunnel for the benefit of the local community.