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DC Reasi discusses special summary revision of polls

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 at 6:32 pm

District Election Officer (DC), Reasi, Vishesh Mahajan today discussed the schedule of activities for Special Summary Revision of the photo Electoral Rolls with the Political parties here at a meeting held in the video conference hall of the DC office. The Special Summary Revision of the photo Electoral Rolls is being conducted with Ist January, 2024, as the qualifying date.

The schedule of the Revision was read out in the meeting and the representatives of the Political parties were requested to disseminate the information among the people to encourage the eligible persons of the District to as Voters. The Political parties were invited to appoint their Booth Level Agents to work and co-ordinate with the Booth Level Officers to facilitate error free revision of the electoral rolls.

Copies of the draft Electoral Rolls were also given to the Political parties. ADC, Abdul Star, DY. District Election Officer Rakesh Kumar and other concerned officers attended the meeting.