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Delhi Oxygen Audit: Kejriwal demanded 4 times more oxygen than required

Last Updated on June 25, 2021 at 2:37 pm

Government of Delhi demanded four times the oxygen supply from central government than it required during the 25 April to 10 May of the second wave, a Supreme Court penal has said in a report.

However, the Delhi administration has denied the claims and said that “no such report” exists.

“The Delhi government’s claim of 1,140 Metric Tonnes was four times the calculated consumption as per bed formula, which was 289 MT only,” the interim audit report said.

It stated that consumption of oxygen in Delhi in the period mentioned above had to be “corrected” due to a “gross error in reporting by some hospitals”.

The panel has named four Delhi hospitals that claimed high consumption – Singhal Hospital, Aruna Asif Ali Hospital, ESIC Model Hospital and Liferay Hospital.