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DGGI to ensure more accountability and improvements in particular areas of governance in J&K

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 at 4:23 pm

In Jammu and Kashmir launching of District Good Governance Index (DGGI) will definitely help in assuring more accountability and responsibility among the concerned officials. The district of various departments, Deputy Commissioners and Administrative Secretaries will be more accountable as the index will bring a healthy competition due to critical comparisons of the scores achieved during the current index with that of next year.

The Good Governance Index at the district level will compel each of the 20 districts of J&K to make improvements in particular field of governance and rise to the level of best administered districts of the country. Giving ranks to the districts will give a rise to healthy competition which will ultimately benefit the people.

Deputy Commissioners will be responsible for continuously monitoring and assessing the performance by taking feed-back from the fields instead of analyzing the situation from their offices only and have to find out loopholes and improve them accordingly.

Moreover, Administrative Secretaries have to ensure effective implementation of schemes and programmes pertaining to their respective departments by remaining in contact with the Districts Officers otherwise poor performance in obtaining good scores on the given parameters would be indirect reflection on Administrative Secretaries’ performance. Moreover, DGGI will help assess the performance of the districts in specific areas and provide knowledge to the districts enabling them to implement suitable strategies for improvement.