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Dr Gautam attends Perio-Microsurgery workshop at AIIMS, New Delhi

Last Updated on April 9, 2023 at 10:17 pm

Dr. Gautam Sharma, Dental Surgeon, University of Jammu, attended a two day high end workshop on ‘Microsurgical regeneration of soft tissue periodontal defects’ at AIIMS, New Delhi.

Periodontal microsurgery is the highest skill in the field of Periodontics in which regeneration of tissues is done under a microscope.

Dr. Kunaal Dhingra, workshop convener, who is Additional Professor, Periodontics Division, Centre for Dental Education and Research, AIIMS, New Delhi, introduced the participants to Periodontal microsurgery.

Dr. Puria Parvini, from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, was the resource person for the workshop. He demonstrated microsurgery for soft tissue augmentation around natural teeth and implants.

Dr. Puria Parvini & Dr. Kunaal Dhingra conducted microsurgical hands-on workshop using surgical microscope and animal models on Mucogingival plastic surgery techniques using autogenous soft tissue grafts.

Dr. Prashant Bhasin, Professor and Head, Dept. of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences & Research, Haryana, gave a demonstration of operating microscope and patient positioning.

Dr. Gautam Sharma is MDS in Periodontics and former President of Indian Dental Association, Jammu.