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Fayaz Ahmad Dar’s village takes back to Kashmir’s cultural roots, promotes sustainable tourism

Last Updated on August 16, 2022 at 3:21 pm

Though entrepreneurship is risky but potentially rewarding endeavor if one has desire to reach to the top. One such example comes from Jammu and Kashmir’s Ganderbal district where an entrepreneur’s vision and mission turned the tables.

Fayaz Ahmad Dar, coming up with totally unique idea and working towards keeping the rich culture heritage alive is worth appreciating. Fayaz Ahmad Dar established the first eco-village.

In the central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district and on the foothills of River Sindh, Sagg Eco village is the valley’s first and only ecologically sustainable village. Sagg Eco village in its lap holds and promotes the Kashmiri culture and traditions.

It helps to promote sustainable tourism as it sticks to zero-waste idea and has beautiful mud cottages to stay in and organic garden for fresh produce and spread across 1.5 acres.

Not only limited to this, Sagg also provides residential and educational camps for students, workshops, and training facilities, and even consultation services for people interested in building sustainable and eco-friendly spaces.

In 2013, he bought the land to set up Sagg. It took him nearly three years to set up and open the ecological entrepreneurial venture that exudes the true essence of Kashmiri culture and heritage. Born in a farming family background in Ganderbal, Fayaz travelled out of Kashmir for education and started work when he was 15. He studied commerce, business, human resource development, sustainable development and conflict transformation and had worked for nearly ten different organisations in educational, organizational and developmental practice, administration and research in diverse cultural settings. Fayaz travelled a lot and returned to Kashmir in 2010 with an aim to share his learning with younger generations.

Sagg is a natural farm, a cultural retreat, and a regenerative lifestyle venture that designs, develops, and promotes leisure, educational, and lifestyle services, spaces, products, and programmes for individuals, families, and groups using a unique synthesis of ecological, cultural, and scientific wisdom.

Fayad told Greater Kashmir that they prepare and sell healthy foods based on natural ingredients and traditional recipes, and handcrafted lifestyle products based on eco-friendly processes.