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Identifying and tracking hybrid terrorists a big challenge for security forces in J&K

Last Updated on January 28, 2022 at 11:18 am

Hybrid terrorists have created a new challenge for the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir. The terrorists which have been categorized as unlisted terrorists in the official or police records but are radicalised enough to carry out a terror strike and then go back into the routine life.

During an encounter in 2018, security forces have killed many terrorists who were just entered into world of terrorism two or three days ago.

In 2021, Kashmir witnessed various attacks on civilians, policemen (on leave), political workers and people from minority communities. Jammu and Kashmir Police said that most of the attacks were carried out by hybrid terrorists. Security forces are now focussing on identification of such hybrid terrorists.

A few years ago, police came up with another term Over Ground Workers (OGWs). The OGWs are the people who provide logistic support to the terrorists and assist them in their surreptitious movement. 

However, it is difficult to track the hybrid terrorists as there is very thin line between civilians and hybrid terrorists. The officials in the security establishment said that hybrid terrorist may be a boy next door who had been radicalised and kept on standby mode by the handlers for carrying out a terror incident. Officials said that they carry out a task that is given to them and then waits for the next assignment from their master but in between they go back to their normal work.

Identifying hybrid terrorists is a big challenge and to arrest them or stop them for doing any unlawful activities and then neutralizing them in encounters will be a big challenge.