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In wake of Pakistan’s efforts to revive terrorism in Jammu, army starts training VDCs

Failing in their attempts to attack important installations in Jammu division due to heightened security, terrorists might try to attack population in villages due to which army has started to train Village Defense Committees (VDCs) and providing weapons to them.

VDCs have always played an important part as they are considered to be the second line of defence that has been criticized by separatists and pro-Pakistan elements in Jammu and Kashmir due to obvious reasons. VDCs have eliminated several hardcore Pakistan trained terrorists who infiltrated into the Indian side of the border and sneaked into the villages guarded by the VDCs.

The VDCs were strengthened in early 2000s but were then left in lurch due to Kashmir centric government playing in hands of separatist agenda. However after the abrogation of Article 370, the army decided to strengthen the VDCs yet again.

An official statement by army said, “To improve self defence capabilities, #IndianArmy imparted trg Village Defence Committee (VDC) members on weapon handling, cleaning, musketry, firing & weapon maint drills at #Mendhar. VDCs play significant role in CT Ops & maint peace in region”.

VDCs in border districts of Rajouri and Poonch have been an important element of defence as terrorists are able to enter into the Indian side due to absence of barbed wire at many spots in the region.

While propaganda machinery is trying to dislodge VDCs in J&K, army and police are determined to train the village committees in defence against Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

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