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Inept employees being made instructors in Skill Development Dept, trainees suffer

Last Updated on February 17, 2021 at 1:23 pm

Many employees who were employed in the Skill Development department for certain technical work are illegally being made an instructor. These instructors are brought in as ‘substitutes’ of fully skilled and qualified instructors.

They are supposed to have both the soft and hard skills of an instructor which is missing in case of this concerned department. Sources said that instructors are paid a reasonably good salary and if only 50 instructors are shifted to other positions like stores, institute offices, provincial offices or state offices like Directorate etc then it would cost a hefty sum as salary. This huge amount of salary is paid to ‘idle’ workers on a monthly basis and it is a huge sum on a yearly basis.

According to the sources, vocational instructors like Rukhsana Nazir, Rabia Rasool, Rayees Fazili, Abdul Hamid Wani, Nazir Ahmad Tantray, Sangeeta Puri, Ghulam Mohammad Wagay, Nazir Ahmad Mir, Parvez Ahmad, Mehraj-ud-din Sheikh, Mohammad Iqbal Parsa, Nirmal Devi, Jan Mohammad Shah, Aijaz Maqbool, Mushtaq Ahmad Reshi, Firdous Ahmad, Sajad Ibrahim, Sidiq-ur-Rehman, Nisar Ahmad, Kulbir Kour and Kunal Gautam are being employed in the institutes where the designated trades are either not functional or have been kept idle.

Sources told Early Times that a similar situation can be seen in the polytechnic sector where the high profile lecturers are receiving huge salaries without having to do any work. Moreover, six head of the institutes of ITI sector including Nazar-ul-Islam, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Ruchi, Amandeep, Bali and Mubashir Ahmad are getting salaries without having to do any work in their respective institutes for which they were appointed. They have been shifted unnecessarily in the office of the Joint Directorate Jammu/Srinagar while many officers of the polytechnic sector are getting salaries without having to do any work because they are not performing their legitimate duties.

Sources said that these officers are Mohammad Shafi Bhat, Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Neelanjans Manwati, Naresh Kumar Gupta, Tabassum Jeelani and Khalid Sheikh. Sources said that manpower is in excess while comparing it with the number of posts. The mismanagement of manpower has led to 2 to 3 persons being employed for a single post. Consequently, public money is being looted and choicest positions are being given to the favourites.