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Increasing unemployment a major challenge in J&K: Altaf Bukhari

Last Updated on May 7, 2022 at 6:47 pm

Expressing concern over increasing unemployment in J&K, Apni Party President Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari today said joblessness among the educated youth has become a major challenge.

Bukhari was addressing joining programmes at the Party office in Gandhi Nagar when he welcomed dozens of youth and the college students who joined the Party in presence of other senior leaders. 

Social activist Parveen Mahajan along with his supporters, Mohd Yaqoob, Vikas Thappa, Aman Kumar and others joined Apni Party. The joining programme was organized by Provincial Secretary/District President Jammu urban, Dr Rohit Gupta. 

Besides, the college student’s joining programme was organized by Ravinder Koul, Archana Kaul, and Suhail Khajuria.  

The students from different colleges including Prinkal Manik, Furkan Choudhary, Raja Rajput, Mohd Younis, Dawood Pathan, Sarthik Sharma, Harish Thapa, Shubham Kumar, Nitish, Adarsh Choudhary, Kushal Kaul, Shazib, Tayiub, Sukhvinder Sangral, Kamal Pangotra, Sidharth Pangotra, Karan Mahajan and others also joined Apni Party.

While welcoming them into the Party, he hoped that their joining would strengthen the Party at the grass root level.

Apni Party has emerged as hope among the hopeless youth of Jammu and Kashmir. The people in large numbers, especially youth, have come forward and joined Apni Party due to the Party’s policies and agenda of equitable development of all regions and politics of speaking truth to the people.

“This policy has won the confidence of the people as they are fed-up with the traditional political parties and their emotional sloganeering,” he added.

Referring to the increasing unemployment, he said that “J&K has lakhs of post graduates who are still unemployed and the Govt has not been able to provide them jobs. It is time for the youth to elect a Govt which can address their growing issues of joblessness.”

He said that “They should elect a Govt of entrepreneurs which would be able to provide enough job opportunities with the creation of entrepreneurs and these entrepreneurs would be able to generate employment opportunities within J&K.”

He said that the Govt has also not been able to advertise all the vacant posts in various Govt Departments for their recruitment.

“The unemployment has emerged as one of the major issues and the Govt must take a serious view over the issue,” he said and added that “Apni Party is committed to the creation of job opportunities for the unemployed youth.”

He further said that the Apni Party is committed to develop the health care infrastructure, road connectivity in remote areas and improve the education system in all the Govt’s educational institutions and ensure equitable development of all the regions.